As a homeowner, you have a great many issues to deal with day in and day out. One of the issues that you may need to deal with at some point is the problem of pests in your home, specifically mice. If you have recently found mice in your home, you may wonder just how much of a problem they are and what you can or should do about them. While they may seem innocuous and even cute, mice in your home can be a big problem. It is important to know why having mice in your home is such a big deal so that you can take the necessary steps to rid your home of mice as soon as possible.

Mice Carry Numerous Diseases

Perhaps the most pressing issue to consider when it comes to mice in your home is the problem of diseases. Mice and other rodents can carry numerous diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Some of those diseases include hantavirus (also referred to as hantavirus pulmonary syndrome), salmonella, and leptospirosis. Mice can also carry the infamous plague (also known as the bubonic plague or Black Death). The plague was responsible for killing millions of people in the 1300s and still exists today, carried by infected fleas. If the mice that infest your home have fleas, they can transmit the disease to your family. 

Children are especially susceptible to the diseases that are carried by mice and any infected fleas that they may carry. This is because children tend to be and play on the floor a lot more often than adults and, therefore, are more likely to come into direct contact with mice feces, urine, and items that mice have touched.

Mice in Your Home Means You Have Poor Energy Efficiency

In order for your home to be infested by mice, they need to have a way into and out of your home. This means that there must be some kind of leak or hole in an area of your home that the mice can sneak through. While the mice and other pests that can get into your home are an issue in and of themselves, this also means that your home has energy efficiency problems.

If animals can get into your home, it means that the heating and cooling systems in your home are having to work harder to make up for the thermal energy transfer that is occurring through that opening. It is important that you not only deal with the mice in your home but also find the way that they are getting inside to repair it. That way, you will keep the mice and other critters out of your house while also improving energy efficiency.

When you have a mice infestation in your home, these are among the main reasons that you should act quickly to deal with the situation and prevent any further problems in your home. Talk to an exterminator like Environmental Services Pest Control to find out what your next steps should be.